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A mortgage lender for over 25 years, Gregory M. Russell has helped thousands of investors obtain quick cash on their property without the paperwork and delays of other lenders.

  • Bad credit?
  • Turned down by conventional lenders?
  • Self-employed?
  • Bankruptcy?
  • Property doesn’t qualify for a bank loan?

No problem! We make these loans every day!


We Loan on Any Type of Real Estate

With Your Good Equity You’re Approved!

Boise, Idaho

We are private money lenders/hard money lenders serving all of Idaho. Our easy qualify hard money loans are based on your available equity, not your credit.

Whether you’re looking for commercial loans in Boise, business loans in Idaho Falls, or to refinance a real estate equity loan in Lewiston, our team of loan experts can help.


Our Borrowers’ Success Stories

Spec Builder Turns to Hard Money Lender After Running Out of Construction Funds

Our borrower intended to finish using his own funds but ran short and needed to get the structure closed in before winter. Read More

Customer Needed a Hard Money Loan on a Commercial Building

Our client purchased the building with an adjoining rental house five years ago and spent over $100,000 updating and renovating the property. Even with the substantial remodeling the main structure was too old for conventional lenders and the borrower turned to private money to generate the short term capital they needed. Read More

A Private Money Loan Was Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Our client had inherited a rental property along with a mortgage on the property that needed to be paid off. Read More

Our streamlined private money loans are designed to cut through the red tape and get you the money you need—fast!

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