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Why Your Closing Date Is Delayed. . .and How to Deal

Take the Worry Out of Financing with an Idaho Hard Money Loan

What exactly does “closing” mean in real estate, and what should you really expect when it comes to contract dates? Be prepared for a delayed closing. Read More...
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Making Modern Renovations in a Traditional Neighborhood

Use Our Fast & Flexible Idaho Hard Money Loan Services for Upgrades

Follow these tips if you’re considering a modern renovation or construction in a traditional neighborhood. You’ll keep neighbors happy and better ensure ROI. Read More...
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Should I Apply for a Hard Money Loan?

Idaho Hard Money Loans Are Great Options for Fix & Flips

Wondering if a hard money lender is the right fit for your needs? Here’s the low-down on when and why to apply. Read More...
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When Interest Rates Rise: Hard Money Loans Offer Financing Options

Quick Approved Idaho Hard Money Loans Offer Great Options

Rising interest rates can put a kink in investment plans. Hard money loans provide fast, flexible financing answers. Read More...
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How to Sell an “As-Is Property”

Need Cash for Last Minute Repairs? Get an Idaho Hard Money Loan

There are risks and advantages to selling a property “as-is.” Follow these to-do’s for a successful sale. Read More...
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Investing in Real Estate? How to Find the Best Hard Money Lender

Finance Your Idaho Investment with a Private Money Loan

Hard money loans help investors close deals quickly and increase their ROI. But how do you find a good hard money lender? Read More...