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lovely bungalow home, front yard - How to renovate an older property

How to Successfully Renovate an Older Investment Property

Finance Upgrades with a Convenient Idaho Hard Money Loan

Renovating an older home can be both challenging and rewarding. When and where is it worth investing in an older property for investment purposes? Follow these tips for a successful ROI Read More...
Desktop with houses, charts, calculator, loan officer – What is an equity loan

What is an Equity Loan?

Finance Your Real Estate Investment With an Idaho Private Money Loan

Hard money loans are based on available equity, not credit or income. Just how does an equity loan work? Read More...
Beautiful home exterior, fall leaves and decor – How to sell an investment property

How to Sell an Investment Property in the Fall

Get a Fast Cash Hard Money Loan to Improve Your Idaho Home Before Selling

Spring and summer may be traditional seasons to buy or sell in real estate. But fall is a great time of year to sell your property with a bit of preparation and planning. Read More...
Happy family playing in front yard – Idaho rates high a great place to raise family

Idaho Rates High as Great Place to Raise Family

Invest in Long-Term Rentals with a Hard Money Loan

Savvy real estate investors know that rental properties in safe, well-maintained family-friendly neighborhoods help guarantee long-term, happy tenants and fewer vacancies. Read More...
Man repairing lock on door – Rental property safety maintenance tips

Maintenance Tips for a Safe, Secure Rental Property

Get Fast Cash for Rental Repairs with an Idaho Private Money Loan

A well-maintained rental property goes beyond cosmetic upkeep. Responsible landlords provide their tenants a safe, livable home environment that complies with state laws. Read More...
Boise, Idaho skyline, hot air balloons – Tourism, “bleisure” market discovers Boise

Tourism & “Bleisure” Market is Discovering Boise, Idaho

Invest in Idaho’s Travel & Leisure Market with a Hard Money Loan

Boise, Idaho has made a lot of impressive lists. Being the Best Of has led to steady growth in tourism and “bleisure” travel in and around the city the past few years. Read More...