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Boise, Idaho, map detail, Hottest housing markets 2019

Boise, Idaho in Top Ten 2019 Hottest Housing Markets

Get Easy Financing with Our Team of Idaho Hard Money Lenders

Boise is projected to be one of the top ten hottest housing markets in the country in 2019 thanks to a strong economy, affordable real estate and growing population. Read More...
Person using calculator, clipboard, house – How to budget home renovation

How to Budget for a Home Renovation and Best ROI

Get a Idaho Hard Money Loan for Investment Property Upgrades

Making cost efficient upgrades to a rental property or fix and flip requires careful thought and planning. Plan ahead and fit your budget to your means for the highest ROI. Read More...
Real Estate Forecast: Should You Buy or Sell in 2019?

Real Estate Forecast: Should You Buy or Sell in 2019?

Finance Your Idaho Investment with a Private Money Lender

The housing market is beginning to soften in parts of the country. What does it mean for Idaho investors in the year ahead? Should you purchase an investment property? Read More...
Two people sitting in front of fire, socks, mugs – How to make holiday renters welcome

How to Make Holiday Renters Warm, Welcome & Safe

Keep Your Idaho Rental Property Secure with a Hard Money Loan

Successful rental property owners know that holiday renters appreciate amenities that make them feel at home. Give them a visit they won’t forget. Read More...
lovely bungalow home, front yard - How to renovate an older property

How to Successfully Renovate an Older Investment Property

Finance Upgrades with a Convenient Idaho Hard Money Loan

Renovating an older home can be both challenging and rewarding. When and where is it worth investing in an older property for investment purposes? Follow these tips for a successful ROI Read More...
Desktop with houses, charts, calculator, loan officer – What is an equity loan

What is an Equity Loan?

Finance Your Real Estate Investment With an Idaho Private Money Loan

Hard money loans are based on available equity, not credit or income. Just how does an equity loan work? Read More...