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model houses, real estate 2020

Real Estate Trends for Investors to Watch in 2020

Invest with a Idaho Hard Money Loan

The new year is a good time to look at real estate trends and strategize short and long-term plans for investment. Read More...
piggy bank, house, money, man with key

How to Successfully Invest in Rental Real Estate

Our Idaho Private Money Loan Team Makes Investing Simple

How do successful real estate investors maximize their return on rental properties? Follow these tips. Read More...
hand holding hard money loan sign, key, money, calculator

Should You Use a Hard Money Lender?

Why Investors Choose Our Idaho Hard Money Loans

Hard money lenders offer a simple financing alternative to real estate investors. Learn more about hard money loans and what makes them a good choice. Read More...
Boise, Idaho skyline, sunset

Idaho Housing Prices on the Rise: Time to Invest

Invest in “Up and Coming” Boise Market with a Hard Money Loan

Housing prices are on the rise in Boise, Idaho and surrounding communities. Now is the time to invest in Idaho real estate. Read More...
Holiday decor, home interior, greens

How to Stage Your Home During the Holidays for a Successful Sale

Make Home Improvements with an Idaho Hard Money Loan

Get into the spirit and follow these home staging tips for a happy holiday real estate experience. Read More...
fireplace, home, living room, fireplace safety

10 Smart Fireplace Safety Tips

Make Your Investment Property Winter Ready with an Idaho Hard Money Loan

Fireplaces add to the look and feel of a room and provide a natural heat source. But a wood burning fireplace requires proper care and upkeep. Read More...