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Why Real Estate Investors Use Hard Money Lenders

Apply for an Idaho Hard Money Loan

Five reasons why Idaho real estate investors use hard money lenders like Gregory M. Russell to help meet their investment goals.1-888-477-0444 Read More...
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Invest in Idaho Falls – A Real Estate Market on the Rise

Talk to Our Hard Money Lenders About a Real Estate Equity Loan

What makes Idaho Falls so appealing as a place to live and work, and is it a good bet for real estate investment? Read More...
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Helpful Yard Care & Landscape Tips for New Property Owners

Get Fast Cash for Property Upgrades with an Easy Apply Idaho Private Money Loan

Make your investment property look it’s best with these landscaping and yard care tips for beginners. Read More...
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How to Modernize Your Older Property with Paint

Upgrade Your Idaho Investment Property with a Private Money Loan

Make your older fix and flip or rental property look fresh and modern by following these “how to” painting tips. Read More...
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7 Steps to Being a Happy & Successful Landlord

Keep Your Rental Property in Tip Top Shape with an Idaho Hard Money Loan

Follow these seven pointers and make your experience as a landlord both positive and successful! Read More...
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Less Than Stellar Credit? Consider a Hard Money Real Estate Equity Loan

Get an Easy Qualifying Idaho Private Money Loan

Get the financing you need for real estate investments with a hard money equity loan. Your credit history is not an issue. Read More...