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Less Than Stellar Credit? Consider a Hard Money Real Estate Equity Loan

Get an Easy Qualifying Idaho Private Money Loan Whether you’re flipping houses or investing in rental property, you need reliable Read More...
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Landlords: Do You Know Idaho Tenant Screening Laws?

Finance Upgrades to Your Rental Property with a Hard Money Loan

If you are a landlord in Idaho, it’s important to know the state’s unique tenant screening laws. The more informed you are, the more successful you’ll be. Read More...
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6 Tips for Success When Buying a Rental Property

Work with Our Experienced Idaho Hard Money Lenders!

Knowing the pitfalls to avoid when purchasing a rental property is the first step towards success. Follow these helpful tips Read More...
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Rental Property Improvement Projects for Spring

Need Fast Cash for Repairs? Get an Idaho Hard Money Loan

Assess the need for repair, replacement or upgrade around your rental property now using our checklist and avoid more expensive outlays later. Read More...
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Why Real Estate Investors Use Hard Money Lenders

Finance With an Idaho Private Money Equity Loan

Real estate investors just starting out often don’t know where to turn for investment dollars. A hard money lender can offer easy qualifying loan options. Read More...
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Top Ten Best Places to Live – and Invest – in Idaho

Get Easy Financing with Our Team of Idaho Hard Money Lenders

Discover the top ten best places to live and invest real estate dollars in Idaho. Read More...