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How Long Does It Take to Get a Hard Money Loan?

Fast Financing is Yours! Get a Idaho Private Money Loan

How quickly can you get a hard money loan? Each private money lender is different, but the approval process is streamlined. Get cash in hand faster than a conventional loan. Read More...
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Why Southeast Idaho Real Estate is a Great Investment Option

Request a Streamlined Hard Money Loan Today

Southeastern Idaho offers terrific real estate investment opportunities. Here’s why. Read More...
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Emergency Preparedness Tips for Landlords

Safeguard Your Idaho Rental Property. Finance Emergency Upgrades with a Hard Money Loan.

Landlord tips and pointers to make sure you and your tenants are prepared for emergency. Read More...
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The Final Walk-Through: A Checklist for Success

Need Fast Cash for a Property Purchase? Get an Idaho Hard Money Loan

Investing in a new home or investment property? Use this checklist for a successful final walkthrough. Read More...
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7 Landlord Tips: When Your Tenant Can’t Pay the Rent

Get an Easy Qualify an Idaho Private Money Loan for Rental Property Repairs & Upgrades

The pandemic is widely impacting the rental market. Follow these seven helpful landlord tips if your tenant is struggling to pay the rent. Read More...
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A Strong Job Market Equals a Smart Rental Property Strategy

Invest in Rental Property with an Idaho Private Money Loan

Idaho is making waves as one of the top job markets in the country – making it a smart option for rental property investment. Why? Read More...