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Hard Money Loans

Hard Money Loans

We are hard money lenders, not bankers.

If your loan makes sense, let’s talk.

Hard Money Lenders, also referred to as private money lenders, are often the right choice when someone is looking for a fast, streamlined loan. They are loans made by private investors to borrowers who, for many reasons, decide not to use conventional loan sources. These loans are sometimes referred to as “private money” loans. Rather than go through all the documentation and paperwork required by conventional lenders a borrower has the option of using a hard money lender and eliminating much of the qualifying process.

We as hard money lenders are generally much more lenient on credit scores, income requirements, and the type of property we will loan on. In addition hard money loans can be completed much faster than conventional bank-type loans. Generally the costs are higher with hard money equity loans, but due to the ease and speed of processing this type of loan, it often makes sense when analyzing a borrower’s options.

Hard money lenders are often the right choice when someone is looking for a fairly fast and streamlined loan.

A hard money mortgage lender for over 25 years, Gregory M. Russell has helped thousands of customers obtain quick cash using their property as collateral.

  • Have bad credit?
  • Been turned down by conventional lenders?
  • Self-employed? Filed bankruptcy?
  • Your property doesn’t qualify for a bank loan?

With your good equity you’re approved! ***

***Please Note: We don’t make loans on owner occupied dwellings, either principal residences or vacation homes.