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6 Expert Tips for a Less Stressful Move

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If you’re getting ready to move and are feeling pressure, it’s no surprise. Whether you’re heading across town or across the country, moving ranks as one of life’s top stressors.

You can ease the experience with a bit of planning and organization. Check out these expert tips to help your move go smoothly.

How to Get Organized for a Successful Move

  1. There is a lot to do. Start taking care of business up to six weeks prior to your move date. The more time you give yourself, the less stressed you’ll be. So don’t hesitate to initiate tasks.
  2. Create a master list of to-dos. From researching and scheduling a reliable moving company to disconnecting utilities to, let’s not forget, packing there will be a myriad of details to attend to. Your moving checklist will be a helpful go-to through your move in.
  3. Declutter and organize. Before packing a thing, purge your belongings. Toss or donate anything that’s not a must move. The less you keep, the less you’ll have to pack. Once you’ve decluttered, tidy and organize your space to make packing and unpacking simpler.
  4. Gather moving supplies. Plenty of them. You’ll save time and a lot of stress if you don’t have to run out to find packing tape in the middle of the big day. Get sturdy moving boxes in assorted sizes and ample supplies of tape, markers, trash bags, and packing paper or bubble wrap. Add a move-out/move-in tool kit and organize your moving supplies in a handy go-to spot.
  5. Time to pack smart. About a week before moving day, begin packing room by room. Keep things from the same room in the same boxes to make your move in and unpacking simple. Use small boxes for heavy items. And label everything, by room and category. Clearly label “essentials” that you will need as soon as you arrive. Keep important documents and valuables aside; you’ll want to personally carry them the day of your move.
  6. The day you choose to move can make or break the experience. Certain times and days of the month are busier for movers – and costlier for you. If your schedule allows, avoid the first and last of the month and weekends. Movers will be more available and weekday moves are typically less expensive.

Our final tip: find times to pause and take a deep breath. You can do it! Follow our suggestions and you will find yourself in your new space a little less stressed.

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