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7 DIY Things to Fix Around the House NOW

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Small home repairs can be an annoyance. It’s easy put them off.

But little things can become big things – and lead to costlier repairs or even injuries – if left for too long. Here are seven things to fix around the house now before they become more significant problems.

7 Small Home Repairs to Take Care of Now

  1. Running toilet: A toilet that continues to run is not only irritating but wastes water. The fix usually requires a simple fill valve and flapper replacement, available at any home repair center.
  2. Broken banister: Don’t put this one off. A wobbly stair railing or banister can lead to serious injury. A replacement railing, wood glue, some nails, and a hammer are all that is needed.
  3. Sagging gate: An ill-fitting gate that won’t close means kids and pets are less secure. Make needed repairs to ensure their safety.
  4. Cracked sidewalk: Cracks in pavement tend to continue to widen and buckle. Avoid potential trips and falls by filling cracks and removing and replacing bad pavers.
  5. Peeling wallpaper: Home décor is seeing a renewed interest in wallpaper. If left unattended, peeling wallpaper will continue to curl and peel. Dampen, adhere, and repair as soon as possible.
  6. Wax on carpet: Carpeting that’s been damaged by spilled wax should be seen to immediately. Paper towels and a light iron or hair dryer will do the trick.
  7. Old caulk: Dry, peeling, mildewing caulk around sinks, tubs, and showers invites water damage. Take up the old stuff and apply fresh new caulk to protect kitchens and bathrooms.

Spending a little time and minimal investment now can help protect you and others from greater costs later.

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