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Best Home Upgrades for an Organized Space

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Renovating a rental or flipping an investment property is a great opportunity to add storage around the home. Providing ways to declutter adds appeal to any sized room or space.

Think creatively when looking at ways to improve organization and storage. That awkward corner or untapped overhead area can offer surprising potential.

Here are seven functional home organization upgrades to transform your space and boost value.

7 Helpful Home Organization Upgrades

  1. Shaker Pegs: Use minimal space to hang everything from coats and jackets to bags and umbrellas. Shaker peg rails provide a slim and efficient way to use an entryway, mud room, or hallway. This simple addition not only saves space but adds a touch of elegance.
  2. Customized storage: Custom cabinets and shelves built to float on a wall, hug a fireplace, or inhabit an underused corner are a versatile way to display and store various items. Whether it’s media equipment, books, or treasures, built-ins can meet both functional and decorative needs.
  3. Hallway built-ins: Transform overlooked and underused hallways with shelving and cabinets. Custom built-ins are not only functional but can provide display space and aesthetic appeal.
  4. Pull-out kitchen shelves: Kitchens can always benefit from extra storage. Installing pull-out cabinet shelves is an effective way to make deep or awkward corners more accessible, maximizing storage space and enhancing the overall efficiency of the kitchen.
  5. Under stairs: Claim the often-neglected, unused space under a stairway. Install drawers, cabinets, or shelving for additional storage options.
  6. Overhead shelving: Look up – and add simple shelving above closets, doors, or other open and unused spaces. It’s an excellent way to make the most of vertical space, especially in smaller homes.
  7. Garage space: Garages are not just for cars. They can offer valuable storage areas for less-used items. Install overhead storage solutions and built-ins to keep the garage floor clear.

Incorporating these storage and organization upgrades can enhance the appeal and functionality of any home, creating a more efficient living environment that adds long-term value.

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