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Smart Investment: Boise, Idaho Looks to Future as Green City

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The city of Boise, Idaho is making headlines as one of the Best Places to Live in the country.

It’s a fast-growing metro area for good reason, including quality of life, a robust economy and affordable housing.

But there’s another smart reason to invest in Boise real estate.

Idaho’s state capital has an eye towards the future and is investing in sustainability practices that will benefit its population both in the immediate and long-term.

“Despite its low profile as U.S. states go, Boise has set an ambitious goal to become the most livable city in the United States,” says mayor David Bieter.

Since 2015, the city has focused on creating goals for energy reduction. Plans call for all new city buildings to be zero-net energy and existing structures to have a 50 percent reduction in energy by 2030.

Boise is Putting Energy Efficiency Goals into Action

Boise owns and operates 20 Mile South Farm, the first commercial zero-net building in the state, to serve as a pilot and help meet set energy goals. The farm uses biosolids from city wastewater treatment facilities as fertilizer in growing crops.

To further reach its goals, Boise has initiated numerous energy efficient best practices, including equipment and fixture updates, and working with local utility companies to efficiently and cost effectively heat, cool, light and maintain around 90 city buildings including Boise City Hall, Boise State University, the Main Library, Boise High School, the downtown YMCA. More than six million square feet of downtown building space uses geothermal energy in the largest direct-use-system in the country. Solar energy sources are being used in commercial and public spaces including 20 Mile South Farm and the Boise Airport.

Boise’s sustainability practices are visible on the streets as well. The city utilizes electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, saving measurable annual tailpipe pollutants and fuel costs.

According to Bieter, “Being green is important, but only if those changes can become part of the very fabric of who we are as a community, how our local businesses prosper and grow, and how we protect those key elements that make Boise such a special place to call home.”

Each sustainable effort adds up to improved quality of life, cost savings and a better future for Boise residents and business owners.

Invest in Boise’s Future with the Help of a Private Money Loan

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