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Easy & Budget Friendly Rental Property Upgrades

Need Fast Cash for Improvements? Get an Idaho Hard Money Loan

Boise, Idaho is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. And the region’s robust housing market proves it. Rentals are on the rise to keep up with demand as population and employment continue to grow.

Successful rental property investors know that a well–maintained property goes a long way toward ensuring ROI. By putting effort upfront into upkeep and maintenance, you’ll experience the long–term financial gain of reduced moveouts and lower turnover rates in a competitive market like Boise.

Property improvements don’t have to cost a lot, and small touches can attract residents – and keep them happy. Freshen up your rental unit in a day with any of these ten fast, low-budget investment property upgrades:

10 Easy & Budget-Friendly Rental Property Upgrades

  1. Hardware swap – Start with a new doorknob and lock that compliment your property’s style
  2. Front yard lights – Clean up or replace walkway and porch lights to light the way home
  3. Fresh front door – Add welcome home appeal with a fresh coat of paint in a bright color
  4. New house numbers – Make your rental easy–to–find with polished, well–placed numbers
  5. Landscaping – Spruce up the yard with new plants and shrubs
  6. Fixture updates – Modernize the kitchen and bath with new fixtures
  7. Furniture paint – Revitalize a dresser or bookshelf in a furnished rental with a fresh color
  8. Fans – Install a simple, low profile ceiling fan to add a cool touch to any room
  9. Cabinet hardware – Replace kitchen and bath hardware for a more modern look
  10. Light dimmers – Add easy ambient light with dimmers in dining rooms, bedrooms and baths

Each upgrade is simple to achieve – and will bring sparkle to your property and a smile to your tenant’s face.

Get a fast cash Idaho hard money equity loan

Sometimes it’s smaller property maintenance needs that suddenly require fast cash. If you’re looking for funding and conventional financing isn’t available, talk to us. We have over 30 years’ experience working with Idaho investors and would be happy to discuss equity loan options. Give our Gregory M. Russell team a call at 1-888-477-0444.