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How to Landscape and Maintain Your Rental Property

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It’s been a dry and sunny summer in the Pacific Northwest. While sun-worshipers are enjoying the final weeks of warm weather, gardens and landscaping are ready for rain.

How do you keep an Idaho rental or vacation property looking it’s best with minimal work regardless of weather – especially during hot summer months?

Follow these helpful landscaping and maintenance tips for an attractive, easy-upkeep investment property.

Rental Property Landscape & Maintenance Tips

When thinking about landscaping:

  • Plant evergreen trees, shrubs and groundcover and perennials that bloom annually
  • Choose drought-tolerant foliage that will withstand lack of watering or bouts of dry weather
  • Select slow growing, fuss-free plants that require low maintenance
  • Include attractive stone and gravel areas that help keep grass (and mowing) to a minimum

When arranging maintenance:

  • Clearly communicate any tenant responsibilities for upkeep
  • Hire a professional landscaping company to keep your property looking presentable
  • Regularly prune and remove overgrowth for a tidy appearance and easier overall maintenance
  • Keep “extras” (lawn furniture, garden accessories) to a minimum to reduce upkeep and breakage

An inviting, well-maintained exterior is as important as the interior features of a rental in attracting quality tenants. Safeguard the longterm value of your real estate investment. Plant smart and take care!

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