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Idaho Rates High as Great Place to Raise Family

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One of the features real estate investors in the know consider when looking at a property for investment is its family appeal.

Boise, Idaho is in the top five Best Cities to Raise a Family in the country according to online rental resource, Zumper. Along with the cities of Moscow, Meridian, Sugar City and Eagle, Boise also receives high marks from Niche as one of the 2018 Best Places to Raise a Family.

What makes a city, neighborhood, or property an attractive family draw? Read on.

What Makes a City Family-Friendly?

Boise scores high on Zumper’s “Best of” list for its short commute times, low cost of infant care, and affordable housing including property taxes and cost to rent.

Niche provides an even more detailed look at the cities it ranks, including:

  • Overall cost of living
  • Access to cultural activities, libraries, parks, family-focuses events
  • Ethnic, generational, and economic diversity
  • Outdoor recreational opportunities
  • Percentage of households with children under 18
  • Walkability and proximity within neighborhoods to amenities
  • Crime and safety statistics
  • Higher education rate

Savvy real estate investors know that single family homes or multi-unit rental properties in safe, well-maintained family-friendly neighborhoods help guarantee long-term, happy tenants and fewer vacancies. That, in turn, ensures a solid return on investment. A property that meets the above family-focused criteria is well-worth considering as a purchase.

Our Hard Money Lenders Know Idaho Real Estate

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