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Make or Break Homebuyer Concerns

Fix Investment Property Problems with an Idaho Hard Money Loan

The real estate industry is robust. And Idaho is one of the hottest markets in the country where listings are limited and competition is stiff.

But there are deal-breakers for buyers when it comes to purchasing any home or investment property. If you’re getting ready to sell, according to these are the top ten issues that could cause a buyer to walk. We’ve also included the top reasons they typically love a home. So, repair, upgrade, improve and price accordingly for the quickest sale and highest ROI.

Top 10 Home Sale Deal-Breakers

Potential buyers express the greatest concern and will move on when an inspection uncovers major structural problems in a home. The following ten flaws represent costly repairs and upgrades, and possible bigger problems down the line.

  1. Exterior issues
  2. Weatherproofing
  3. Number of large repairs
  4. Foundation flaws
  5. Cracked walls and/or ceilings
  6. Poor remodel work
  7. Drainage issues
  8. Age of home
  9. Structural issues
  10. Uneven flooring

Top 10 Things Buyers Look For

Buyers are less put off by issues that can be addressed with a minor remodel or repairs, especially in today’s tight housing market. They typically base their purchase decision primarily on:

  1. Price
  2. Home size
  3. Updated kitchen
  4. Outdoor space
  5. Storage space
  6. Bedroom size
  7. Updated bathrooms
  8. Neighborhood
  9. Kitchen size
  10. Location

It pays, literally, to pay attention to buyer trends and preferences. You can help your chance of a timely, successful sale by making needed major repairs and upgrades, or pricing your property accordingly.

Get Financing, Move Fast with an Idaho Hard Money Loan

We have partnered with Idaho real estate investors helping them to purchase properties and grow their portfolios for over three decades. Unlike conventional lenders, our loan services at Gregory M. Russell are simple, streamlined and equity based. If you have adequate collateral, you can have money in hand in under two weeks. Your employment and credit history are secondary to our approval process. So give a call to discuss (1-888-477-0444) or just fill out our loan request form. It’s online, quick and easy and we’ll get right back to you. We look forward to working together!