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Make Your Investment Property “Senior Friendly” for a Higher ROI

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Idaho State is an attractive destination for retirees. What makes it special?

Idaho’s beautiful natural resources and opportunities for outdoor recreation draw aging seniors looking for an active lifestyle.

If you’re an Idaho real estate investor, purchasing or modifying an investment property to make it “senior-friendly” is a smart move.

Invest in Senior-Friendly Real Estate

Today’s active aging population seeks single family homes or multifamily units that feature one level or limited stairs, open floor plans, step in showers, generous lighting, and low yard maintenance. Investing in a property that meets the needs of seniors can help ensure a higher ROI.

Many cities in Idaho offer great retirement options, featuring medical centers and cultural scenes in addition to year-round outdoor activities. Wherever you choose to invest, appeal to an often overlooked demographic with a senior-friendly property.

Finance Your Idaho Real Estate Investment with a Private Money Equity Loan

Idaho has something for everyone! We know the real estate market and we help investors throughout the state get the financing they need when they need it. If traditional lenders have said no and you need fast cash, give our hard money lender team a call. Our easy qualifying hard money loans are based on your available equity. Credit or employment history is not a problem. And our application process is quick and simple. Apply online or call us at Gregory M. Russell today at 1-888-477-0444.