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Making Modern Renovations in a Traditional Neighborhood

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It’s not uncommon to find a mix of architectural styles when exploring residential neighborhoods.

While variety may be the spice of life, sometimes the assortment of home fronts can be jarring. A starkly modern residence can overwhelm or look out of place on a street lined with comfortable Craftsman homes or modest bungalows.

If you’re renovating or planning a new construction and your taste runs to the contemporary, what responsibility do you have to fit in to the surrounding neighborhood?

In some settings, you’ll need to adhere to HOA architectural guidelines. In others, experienced real estate investors, architects, and developers understand it’s good practice to make modern architectural choices that will tastefully complement the character of a neighborhood.

Follow these tips if you’re considering a modern renovation or build in a traditional neighborhood. You’ll keep your neighbors happy and better ensure ROI.

How to Responsibly Design a Modern Home

  • Research local limitations, guidelines, and restrictions on residential structures before beginning any construction or renovation project and design accordingly.
  • Become familiar with the character of the neighborhood. Design your project to complement the size, scale, and details of neighboring homes and properties.
  • Note the textures and colors of the surrounding neighborhood. Incorporate brick, stone, siding, and landscaping into your property’s design with a fresh modern twist.
  • Get to know your neighbors. How do they use their property, indoors and out? Consider how the scale and design of your project will impact their view, parking, and lifestyle.
  • You’ve designed a thoughtful contemporary property that fits the neighborhood. Now have fun with the interior! Make it a modern showcase for bold, clean lines and distinctive styling.

With consideration, planning, and the right design, you can have contemporary taste and have it all in a great neighborhood.

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