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Meridian, Idaho Tops List of High Growth Small Cities in U.S.

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Meridian, Idaho tops the list of small cities with the highest growth in the country according to a recent list of Fastest Growing Cities in America from WalletHub.

Meridian’s local economic growth was determined by factors including population growth, employment rates, regional GDP per capita, increase in businesses and startups, household income, and median housing costs.

Benefits of small city real estate investment

Located in popular Treasure Valley, Meridian features a variety of neighborhoods to suit every housing need. Investing in Meridian real estate provides all the benefits of a small city along with the advantage of a short commute to neighboring Boise, Idaho.

There are numerous benefits to investing in a smaller city vs. larger metropolitan areas.

1. Competition: Housing inventory may be tight – but competition from other investors is much less intense than in popular metro regions.

2. Return on investment (ROI): You’ll get more bang for your small city housing buck than in higher priced major urban markets.

3. Real Estate Investment Team: Gathering referrals for a trusted go-to team of lenders, real estate agents, construction and trade workers, and property managers is often easier.

4. Marketing: Thanks to word of mouth, a well-maintained rental property or nicely turned house flip will move quickly in a smaller community without the need for heavy investment in advertising.

5. Community: Local events and organizations provide opportunity to meet and network with potential sellers, buyers, and tenants. (See Marketing!)

Whether you’re looking at single family or multiunit rentals or interested in a house flip, Meridian offers an ideal locale for real estate investment.

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