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Positive Trend in Idaho Real Estate Market to Continue into 2016

Private money loans should be a part of any serious investor’s acquisition strategy.

According to Housing Predictor, much of the US showed an uptick in the housing market last year, and Idaho State was no exception. With historically low interest rates and real estate prices poised to increase, now may be the best time to purchase a home or investment property.

The strongest Idaho real estate investment opportunities are found in Ada and Canyon counties , the diverse Southwestern region of the state known as Treasure Valley for its rich resources and opportunities, from protected wilderness areas to varied outdoor recreation to Boise’s thriving urban scene. Also called the lower Snake River Valley and the Boise River Valley, the area holds the top slot for home appreciation values in the state of Idaho, with numerous districts boasting high demand and low supply.

Limited real estate choices require nimble financing options

From September of last year to January of this year the number of homes in Ada County dropped by a third. In a balanced market a six-month inventory is considered normal. With Ada and Canyon counties combined there is only one month inventory to choose from, considerably limiting the available choices.

In a tight real estate market, the ease and flexibility private money lending offers can mean the difference in acquiring a sought after property. Gregory M Russell provides quick financing without requiring financials and documentation normally associated with other lenders. Call us to discuss financing of your next Idaho real estate acquisition.