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Rental Upgrades That Will Make Your Tenants Happy

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A well-maintained rental property will attract – and keep – good tenants.

Whether you’ve purchased a new property or own an existing rental that needs a refresh, upgrades don’t have to be expensive or time intensive.

These five upgrades add appeal and value to your rental – and offer high return for your time and dollar. Many are DIY and some can be done in a weekend. And they’ll all put a smile on your tenant’s face.

5 Rental Property Upgrades That Add Tenant-Friendly Value

  • Fresh paint: A new coat of quality paint is a quick, easy way to freshen up a space. Neutral colors (white, cream, beige, gray) will appeal to the largest number of potential tenants.
  • Flooring: Wood flooring is a smart long-term choice for a rental property and worth the upfront investment. Upkeep is minimal compared to carpets that require cleaning and replacement. And many tenants prefer the look.
  • Bathroom & kitchen: A total renovation may not be financially feasible. But a quick cosmetic update of cabinet hardware and faucets can give a bathroom or kitchen a fresher, more contemporary look.
  • Backsplash: A stylishly tiled kitchen backsplash is both attractive and practical. Add or replace your rental’s backsplash with a classic tile for a smart touch.
  • Curb appeal: A rental’s exterior is as important as the interior and first impressions count. A freshly painted front door, trimmed trees and shrubs, good mailbox, and well-placed potted plants say “welcome home” and add to a property’s appeal.

Keep your rental property in good shape for satisfied tenants and the highest ROI. Happy renters mean lower vacancy rates – and steady rental income.

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