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Top Criteria for a Successful Investment Property Purchase

Get the Funding You Need with the Help of a Hard Money Lender

Successful real estate investors have a go–to set of criteria when it comes to purchasing the ideal property. In a popular market like Boise, Idaho and the Treasure Valley region, the more you know what to look for, the better the return on your investment.

Much of it is good common sense. Some of it comes with experience. But clearly focusing on the following top four criteria in your search for the perfect property will help ensure you find a real estate investment that’s worth your while.

  1. Property Type: Multi–family apartments and single family residentials both present pros and cons as rental investments. Tenant turnover and property maintenance are two big considerations. Think carefully about your resources.
  2. Location: Location is key. Schools, community amenities and transportation access are all important to take into account, particularly for single family units.
  3. Price: Is the property a good value for the location? Do your research and be sure to crunch numbers. If you purchase beyond your means or won’t turn a profit when you sell, it’s not such a good deal.
  4. Condition: How much work will the property require. Keep in mind that repairs and upgrades need to be factored into total purchase price.

With research and a bit of know–how, you’ll find the right property – best suited to your financial scenario and longterm goals as an investor.

A Hard Money Lender Can Aid Your Idaho Property Acquisition

Once you know what you’re looking for, it pays to be financially prepared when the right investment property comes along. A hard money lender can provide the funding you need when conventional sources don’t come through. Talk to our team at Gregory M. Russell to learn more about private money lending in Idaho state.