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When Interest Rates Rise: Hard Money Loans Offer Financing Options

Consider a Quick Approved Idaho Hard Money Loan

The real estate scene is changing. After bottoming out during the pandemic, historically low-interest rates are rapidly on the rise.

Real estate investors have navigated between an extremely tight housing inventory and enticingly low rates the past few years. While a 30-year-fixed mortgage rate is still low when compared to overall housing industry trends of the past 40 years, homebuyers are feeling the pinch.

How will rising interest rates affect the housing market and your plans to invest in real estate?

How Hard Money Loans Make Investing Easy

When interest rates skyrocket, it can put a kink in investment plans; big banks are already seeing a decline in mortgage applications thanks to increased rates. Traditional loans are approved based on factors like credit scores and employment. If your hoped-for property purchase is no longer penciling out due to big bank terms or your bank lender says no, don’t give up.

Hard money loans provide fast, flexible financing options and are an excellent resource when conventional lenders don’t come through. Interest rates on hard money loans are typically higher than on bank loans. But private lenders loan funds based on your available collateral – not your credit or employment history. Direct loan terms are more customizable. And the streamlined approval process will put you ahead of the competition in today’s hot housing market.

If you are a real estate investor and interested in fixer-upper or rental properties, rising interest rates on big bank mortgage loans do not have to deter you. Instead, talk to a hard money lender. You can have cash in hand within days.

We Make Equity Loans to Idaho Real Estate Investors

As a longtime trusted Idaho hard money lender we enjoy closely partnering with our clients. Gregory M. Russell has the experience and industry know-how to provide the financing you need for your next real estate project. We understand the ins and outs, the highs and lows of real estate, and our easy qualifying hard money loans help take the stress out of your investment experience. Call our team of private money lenders to learn more at 1-888-477-0444, or complete our simple online loan request form to get started now. We look forward to working with you!