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Why Real Estate Investors Use Hard Money Lenders

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To be successful in real estate, you have to move quickly and have a reliable cash source.

Traditional lenders aren’t always the best go-to’s when time is of the essence or credit issues are a concern.

Here are five reasons why real estate investors use hard money lenders like Gregory M. Russell, a top private money lender in Idaho State, to help meet their investment goals.

5 Reasons to Use a Hard Money Lender for Financing

  1. Fast funding: The approval process is simple. Turnaround from request to money-in-hand is typically two weeks or less.
  2. Easy qualifying: Credit history and income are not an issue. Loans are based on available equity.
  3. Negotiating power: Cash in hand gives an investor the ability to offer a quick close and negotiate a lower purchase price.
  4. Fewer restrictions: Hard money loans are asset-based. Hard money lenders are often willing to partner with the same client on multiple properties.
  5. Flexibility: Conventional lenders have set rules and regulations. A hard money lender can be flexible about terms.

At Gregory M. Russell, we do business, commercial and investment purpose equity loans.

What type of property do we loan on? We help investors finance lots and acreage, construction projects, and residential, commercial, industrial and rental properties.

When conventional lenders say no or can’t approve financing fast enough, we help make our clients’ investment goals a reality.

Learn More About Our Idaho Hard Money Loans

We have loaned to real estate investors throughout Idaho for over thirty years. We enjoy each client partnership – and take a vested interest in our clients’ success. Call to learn more about our hard money lender services. We have money to lend! Our team at Gregory M. Russell is available to talk at 1-888-477-0444. Or use our quick and easy application form to get started today. We look forward to connecting.