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Why This Winter is a Seller’s Market

Achieve Your Real Estate Goals with an Idaho Hard Money Loan

The housing market has traditionally revolved around seasonal sales. Spring and summer have long been the time of year when buyers have actively sought real estate deals.

However, shifts in the economy and buyer trends have altered the real estate scene. If you’re thinking of selling a property and have been planning to wait until spring, you may want to reconsider.

4 Reasons to Sell in the Winter

  1. Inventory across the country remains historically low, much of it due to the pandemic. Work-from-home lifestyle trends have emerged, and for many steps along the “property ladder” have been halted. Markets continue to recover from the lack of new construction because of the pandemic and homeowners have chosen not to sell during COVID. As a result, homes that do list sell quickly, often within days. You’ll have less competition selling in winter than during spring and summer.
  2. Tight inventory has resulted in record housing prices, benefitting you as a seller. Buyers do look year-round – and cold weather buyers can be particularly motivated. The first of the year often brings job changes and relocations, and many employers provide relocation benefits making those potential buyers great prospects. With fewer housing choices in winter, you’re likely to get a higher asking price.
  3. Real estate agents are overwhelmed with clients during the spring and summer months. With less activity happening during the winter, you and your property will get more attention from your listing agent.
  4. Record numbers of new real estate investors have entered the market the past couple of years, encouraged by historically low interest rates. However, rates are showing signs of increase, which could lessen buyer power and make it difficult for you to get top dollar for your property. The sooner you sell, the higher price you may receive.

Our Idaho Private Money Loan Team Knows the Market

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