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What’s Your Investment Strategy? Buyer’s Market vs. Seller’s Market

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Experienced real estate investors are familiar with shifts in the housing market and understand how it impacts their investment strategy.

Whether it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market makes a significant difference in the short- and long-term decisions you make as an investor. Idaho’s real estate scene offers a snapshot of what a changing market can mean to buyers and sellers.

What Is a Seller’s Market Versus a Buyer’s Market

Seller’s Market

Idaho’s hot housing market captured headlines during the pandemic. Buyers were drawn to the state by its appealing combination of natural beauty, lifestyle, and affordable housing, which was well-suited to COVID restrictions and remote work. As a result, housing prices skyrocketed, competition was fierce, bidding wars became commonplace, and sellers sat in the driver’s seat.

Buyer’s Market

As the pandemic has eased, the housing boom has slowed. Businesses have begun to re-align, and workers are returning to the office. Interest rates are rising, and the area’s now high housing costs make Idaho less of a draw. Inventory remains low as current homeowners hang onto existing low-interest loans. But a slowing market means more opportunities for buyers.

Your Real Estate Investment Strategy

To invest successfully in real estate is a lot about timing and preparation. It also takes patience and the ability to think beyond the immediate.

If you have investments in real estate or have been thinking about becoming an investor, the changing market should inform your decisions: buy, sell, or hold. Keep in mind that real estate is fluid. Markets rise, fall, and balance. Your best yield growth strategy is to invest early and for the long term. Position yourself to buy in a buyer’s market and sell in a seller’s market.

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