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Why Real Estate Investors Use Hard Money Lenders

Finance With an Idaho Private Money Equity Loan

With planning, patience, hard work and an understanding of the challenges, real estate investment can be lucrative.

But it takes money to make money. Many real estate investors just starting out don’t know where to turn for investment dollars.

In a robust housing market like Idaho, a private money loan from a hard money lender is a great financing option for investors. Here are five reasons why.

5 Reasons Why Hard Money Loans are a Great Real Estate Investment Solution

  1. Quick approval: Unlike conventional lending sources, hard money lenders cut through red tape. Loan approval is fast. You’ll have cash in hand often within two weeks or less.
  2. Credit requirements: Hard money loans are equity-based. Bad credit or bankruptcy issues are not a concern. If you have adequate collateral and a reasonable plan for repayment your loan will be approved.
  3. Lender expertise: Hard money lenders typically work in partnership with clients, offering personal experience and valuable advice about the loan process and real estate investing.
  4. Flexibility: Traditional lenders loan according to set standards and policies. The hard money loan experience is solution-based, with loan options tailored to your unique needs.
  5. Negotiating power: Hard money loans are recognized as a reliable funding source in the real estate industry. A private money equity loan is a helpful negotiating tool in a competitive market.

We’re Your Expert Idaho Hard Money Lender

A private money equity loan can help you leverage your first real estate deal – or expand an existing portfolio. Our hard money lending team has over 30 years’ experience working with investors throughout Idaho, offering our expertise and easy qualifying loan options to meet a variety of client needs. Apply online or call 1-888-477-0444 to learn more about our hard money loan services at Gregory M. Russell.