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Annual Rental Property Maintenance Checklist

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After a particularly long, tough winter like the one experienced in the Northwest (Idaho has dealt with record–setting snowfall and below average temperatures), the longer days and milder weather that inevitably come with spring are a welcome relief.

Heavy rains, snow pack, and cooler temps can put an extra strain on building exteriors. When it comes to property upkeep, landlords face a unique challenge in making sure rental properties are properly maintained. It’s a good time of year to deal in earnest with the toll that extreme weather may have dealt your investment property.

We’ve got a helpful annual property maintenance to do list – a checklist to assist you in the upkeep of your rental property, inside and out.

Annual Rental Property Maintenance Checklist

  • Appliance maintenance: Check and clean coils, hoses and connections on all major appliances.
  • Air conditioners: Clean air filters and coils – and help reduce energy bills.
  • Roof: Check for missing or loose shingles. Schedule moss removal and clear gutters of debris.
  • Exterior walls: Check for water stains and any possible trouble spots.
  • Chimney: Look for missing masonry or greenery taking root – signs of possible water infiltration.
  • Check windows: Make sure weather stripping and caulking is tight.
  • Check foundation: Look all around foundation for cracks or any unusual shifting.

Be sure to also stay on top of carpet cleaning, painting, stair/decking/railing repairs, door locks, smoke alarm batteries, spraying for pests. Keeping up with smaller inside maintenance items will deliver long term dividends.

There’s the old saying that you need to spend money to make money. Put dollars and effort into your rental property and you’ll be more apt to retain good tenants – which mean timely payments, lower vacancy and turnover. And by staying ahead of maintenance, you’ll likely experience fewer big–ticket repairs in the long run.

Hard Money Lenders Make Rental Property Maintenance Easy

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