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Tips for Success in Buying a Vacation Rental Property

Finance your vacation rental investment with a hard money loan

Whether you’re new to the real estate investment scene or a seasoned pro, there are important things to keep in mind if you’re thinking of purchasing a vacation rental property in Idaho. Check out the following steps to buying a vacation rental property, and you’ll be on your way to a successful investment experience.

4 Steps to Purchasing a Vacation Rental Property

Where to Buy?

Accessible, drive-to destinations are safer investment bets through economic upswings and downturns than those that require flying a long distance. It’s also smart to focus your property search on communities that are friendly to short–term rentals rather than those that impose strict regulations.

When to Buy?

Maximize your ROI by timing your purchase according to the ebbs and flows of the vacation season.

Buy, close and prepare your property in enough time to make it available to vacationers headed for Idaho’s spectacular ski country during the winter months or the beaches of the Pacific coast in warmer weather. Close a minimum of two to four months in advance of rental season for either market to accommodate for making property repairs, and listing and booking your property.

What to Buy?

Put yourself in your prospective renters’ shoes. Where do you prefer to go to unwind? The beach, a lake, the mountains. These are the locations most likely to ensure an actively booked property – and a return on your investment. Views, nearby amenities and attractions, and accessibility (or lack–there–of depending on your preferred renter) should all be taken into consideration for the best possible rental purchase.

How to Buy?

You now need a solid handle on the costs of buying and maintaining your ideal vacation rental property, from purchase price to insurance to taxes, furnishing to upkeep to maintenance. The more financially prepared you are to meet expenses and the better your property meets renters’ expectations as a welcoming vacation destination, the more successful you’ll be.

Invest in a Vacation Rental with a Hard Money Loan

The most successful investors are those who are financially prepared. A hard money loan can help fund your vacation rental property acquisition when conventional finance or credit issues arise. Talk to our Gregory M. Russell hard money lender team today about our private money loan services. We have over 30 years’ experience providing fast cash loans to property investors throughout Idaho.