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Boise, Idaho is Among Affordable Housing Meccas

Invest in Idaho Real Estate with a Hard Money Loan

Thanks to record-high housing costs and tight inventory across the country, real estate investment is becoming increasingly unattainable.

While many metro area markets may be a discouragement to investors with limited resources, there are still affordable investment opportunities to be had.

According to, Boise, Idaho ranks among the top ten “just right” U.S. cities for investors in the middle-class range.

Middle income earners (between $42,000-$125,000 annually) will find a range of investment possibilities around the vibrant Idaho state capital and surrounding region.

What makes Boise special?

Boise, Idaho is a Middle-Class Real Estate Mecca

Affordability: Cost of living is around the national average and together with the region’s quality of life provides a winning combination.

Weather: Boise’s high desert weather means dry, sunny summers and crisp, snowy winters that offer the best of both worlds, encouraging a range of fun outdoor activities.

Greenery: Located on the Boise River, the city is lush with parks, greenways and conservation areas that welcome walkers, runners, bikers, birdwatchers and fishermen.

Spirit: The city exudes a friendly, welcoming vibe, further reflected in the area’s low crime rate.

Education: Highly rated school districts make Boise a great family destination and well-suited to the middle-class demographic.

Get the Easy Financing You Need with a Hard Money Loan

Boise’s mid-range housing costs can make investing in real estate a reality. If you still need a financial boost due to less-than-perfect credit or other financial hardship, talk to our team of hard money lenders at Gregory M. Russell. We provide loans to investors throughout Idaho, backed by over 25 years of experience. Call us at 1-888-477-0444 today to learn more about our private money loans. We’re here to help!