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Millennials are Heading to Smaller Cities

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Millennials are on the move and looking for opportunities. So where are they settling?

Larger metro areas rely on – and often attract – a younger demographic. Cultural amenities and options for employment are popular draws. But many small to mid-sized cities offer a similar blend of characteristics on a more affordable scale without the high housing costs associated with major urban hubs.

Idaho has shown steady growth in recent years. Boise and the surrounding region provide small cities benefits that suit millennials looking for the following:

Millennials are Discovering Small City Benefits

Easy commuting: Cut the commute time. Getting around the Treasure Valley region and beyond is a driver’s dream compared to big city gridlock.

Affordable housing: Idaho’s small city real estate markets offer a variety of affordable options to first time buyers as well as single-family home or apartment renters.

Livability: People are moving to Idaho for its natural beauty, outdoor recreation, culture, quality education, and varied opportunities to shop and dine.

Engagement: The Boise valley invests in and supports young talent, engaging with the millennial workforce through the Boise Young Professionals Program and other opportunities.

Economy: Boise ranks sixth in the nation for number of corporate headquarters located in the city. High tech industries are becoming an increasingly significant presence.

For millennials looking to settle down in cities that provide quality of life, amenities, and affordable housing options, Idaho makes the grade.

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