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Boise, Idaho in Top Ten 2019 Hottest Housing Markets

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The housing market may be showing signs of cooling.

But there are spots across the country that are expected to remain hotter than hot in the year ahead.

According to, Boise, Idaho makes the short list of top ten “superstar” metro-areas expected to see a jump in both home prices and sales in 2019.

Existing home sales, new home construction, local economy and job growth, affordability, population trends and median household incomes are among the factors that uses to help determine a market’s appeal.

Why Boise is a Hot Real Estate Draw

Boise and the surrounding region is a real estate mecca, attracting residents from first time home owners to retirees thanks to cost of living, climate, livability, education, and the area’s “friendly factor.”

Median home price is $266,500. But prices are on the rise. Out-of-staters are moving en masse to Idaho, lured by affordable housing and year-round outdoor recreation. Market demand in neighborhoods like Boise’s historically scenic North End and suburbs where new construction is booming has driven up home prices over 13% in the past year.

Successful investors recognize real estate trends. Hot markets offer terrific investment opportunity. Knowing when and where to buy is the key to return on investment.

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