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Boise, Idaho in Top Ten Cities for House Flipping

Our Hard Money Lender Team Makes Financing Simple

Thanks to a stronger housing market the past few years, house flipping has gained in popularity as an investment venture. There were more house flippers in 2016 than since 2007, with a record number of single family homes and condos flipped in the U.S.

But with real estate markets across the country growing ever more competitive, where do flippers do best?

Boise, Idaho ranks in the top ten cities where house flipping is most profitable. Along with other top ranked locales, Boise offers a diverse real estate market, low buy–in on potential properties, and a quality of life and local amenities that ensure return on investment.

3 Quick Keys to House Flipping Success

  • Location: Where you buy is as important to your return as the property itself. Research the health and appeal of a neighborhood before purchasing.
  • Renovation: Keep renovations simple and cost–efficient. Focus on cosmetics and invest in better quality minimal upgrades.
  • Visualization: Knowing exactly what to look for can make or break a flip. Experience in real estate or construction is helpful.

Boise and the Treasure Valley region offer terrific house flipping investment opportunities. With the right research, timing and know–how, you can find success as an investor.

Our Idaho Hard Money Lenders Offer Equity Loans

Once you invest in a house flip, renovations can demand more dollars than anticipated. We work with real estate investors throughout Idaho, bringing over 30 years of experience to the loan process. We know Boise and we know the market. Give us a call today at 1-888-477-0444 to discover how our Gregory M. Russell hard money lender team can help make your house flipping investment a success with fast, convenient financing.