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College Towns Smart Choice for Real Estate Investment

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Every location has its pros and cons when it comes to real estate investment.

But college towns like Moscow or Pocatello stand out as a smart choice when it comes to expanding a real estate investment portfolio, particularly for beginner investors. College town rental properties provide a number of benefits:

Benefits of College Town Real Estate Investment

  • There is always high demand for rentals from university students, staff and faculty resulting in few vacancies
  • Demand allows for competitive pricing of rental units, even if the market dips in surrounding areas
  • The location of units typically near trafficked areas (shopping, public transportation, food, entertainment) requires little marketing, making renting of units easy
  • Parents or scholarship funds often cover rent, ensuring payment
  • Summer vacancies can be filled through short-term rental sites (Airbnb, VRBO)

Students have a reputation for taking a toll on rental properties. But being prepared as a landlord to establish a respectful, cooperative relationship with your tenants and deal quickly with maintenance issues to protect your property can make it well worth the investment.

Hard money loans help meet investor needs

Property investment is not without risk. Successful real estate investors are prepared financially to meet both the challenges and opportunities that quickly arise. We’re here to help when conventional loans aren’t available to meet your needs. Give our Gregory M. Russell team a call to learn about our hard money lender services at 1-888-477-0444.