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Ada County Home Inventory at Near-Historic Lows

Hard money lenders provide fast cash loans in tight markets

It’s a sellers market in Ada County, Idaho.

According to real estate analysis from Boise Regional Realtors, homes in the widely popular region are selling at a rate fast enough to deplete the market to near–historic lows.

Just over 1,700 total existing and newly constructed houses were available for sale in November 2016 – little more than the low point of 1,664 set in January 2013.

Only two months of supply were available when looking at November’s data – less than one month for existing homes below $250,000. The Months Supply of Inventory metric used to determine supply and demand considers four to six months a balanced market.

The squeeze on the Idaho housing market is indicative of a growing economy and robust migration to the area. However, the highly competitive real estate landscape demands that property investors be both aware and prepared when opportunities arise.

Be prepared with a hard money loan

Whether you’re a house flipper, invest in multiunit properties, or maintain single family rentals, you need to stay highly vigilant as an investor in a tight market.

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