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Downsizing Your Home: How to Prepare for the “Big” Move

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If you are thinking about downsizing to a smaller space now could be the perfect time to get ready for the “big” move.

Spending more time at home offers a good opportunity to sort and organize your current living space, as well as research and mentally prepare.

Downsizing can be made easier with a bit of planning. Here’s how to downsize your home the smart way.

Smart Downsizing Tips

The Right Time: The most common error when downsizing is not allowing enough time.

Culling through belongings in preparation for a move to a smaller space takes careful thought. What to take and what to leave behind is a mentally, physically and often emotionally charged process. Giving plenty of time to the transition will make it easier. Keep in mind, it’s not unusual for a large house to take months to go through, from top to bottom.

The Right Place: Where you go when downsizing is an important decision. If you intend to stay put for some time think about the longterm. Research properties that are appropriate to retirement and aging in place. One level homes, walk in showers, large easy-access closets and storage space and no or low-maintenance landscaping are all smart features to look at investing in.

Location is equally important. Walkable communities with close access to amenities add to quality of life when driving is no longer an option in later years. Cost-wise, apartments, condos and townhouses, and small single family homes offer a variety of ways to down-size.

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