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Opportunities in Real Estate Investing Today

Finance Your Investment with An Idaho Hard Money Equity Loan

We’re living in an unprecedented time. Lifestyles and livelihoods on a global scale have shifted due to COVID-19. The long-term impact is uncertain.

In the U.S., unemployment figures and response to government relief programs for small businesses point to an economy on the edge.

There are potential opportunities in real estate investment as a result, however. Housing markets like Idaho that were robust leading up to the health crisis remain smart investment options and real estate investors who stay focused on the long-term can benefit.

Real Estate Opportunities in the COVID Landscape

As the economy tightens many rental property owners will be unable to meet mortgage responsibilities due to lost rent. Idaho investors with available equity and funding who can move quickly are well positioned to take advantage of deals on multifamily rental properties and vacation rentals.

House flipping offers prime investment opportunities now as well. Flip properties are often unoccupied, making social distancing less of a concern when it comes to appraisals and buyer walkthroughs, simplifying the buying process. Contractors may be more difficult to schedule because of public health concerns. But now is a great time for do-it-yourselfers to invest time and talents on fix and flip properties as they become available.

Finance Your Investment Deal with Our Idaho Hard Money Loan

We loan to real estate investors throughout the state of  Idaho. Our private money loans are equity-based. Your credit and employment history are not a concern. Take advantage of investment opportunities when they arise. If you have substantial equity and a payment plan, our hard money loans offer fast, easy-qualifying financing when traditional lenders say no. Call our Gregory M. Russell hard money lending team or complete our simple online application form. Today’s health crisis has changed how we live, work and play. We can help you meet long-term investment goals that look to the future.