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Easy Home Improvements to Make in a Recession

Get an Idaho Hard Money Loan for Large Real Estate Upgrades

When headlines report a downturn in the housing market and the economy shows signs of a recession, savvy real estate investors strategize their best moves.

Are you deciding between improving a rental property vs. putting it on the market? Are you renovating a fixer-upper for resale? Which home improvements can add value to your property in today’s real estate market without breaking the bank?

Create big impact with these seven small, budget-friendly upgrade projects. Use our helpful pointers to know what to be prepared for when making upgrades to your investment.

7 Small Home Upgrade Projects with Big Impact

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are top-of-list when it comes to preferred home upgrades and typically range from $15,000 to $50,000 or more.

But if you’re watching your budget along with the market right now, try these quick, low-cost DIY home upgrades to immediately improve the look and feel of your space:

  1. Repaint in light, neutral colors
  2. Upgrade kitchen and bathroom fixtures
  3. Update kitchen and bathroom cabinet hardware
  4. Change the kitchen backsplash
  5. Replace the bathroom vanity
  6. Swap out light switch plates
  7. Replace doorknobs

High demand is one of the biggest obstacles to home renovation in the current market. Contractors are booked out solid for weeks to months. So, the more you do yourself, not only will you save dollars, but the quicker your home improvement projects will get done.

Check out other home improvement projects to boost your property value. And plan ahead: supplies are in short supply. So, order well before any home upgrades or renovations, large or small.

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