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Emergency Preparedness Tips for Landlords

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Landlords and renters share common concerns when natural disasters and emergencies strike. Life can turn unexpectedly upside down. Tenants must ultimately be responsible for their own safety. But a good landlord can help mitigate risks and hazards and avert loss of property. Emergency preparedness and good communication are key.

If you own rental property, follow these emergency preparedness pointers to help ensure the safety and security of both your tenants and your investment. (For a detailed checklist, click here.)

Landlord Emergency Preparedness Tips

Preparation: Know the type of weather and risks most common to your area to help you effectively prepare your rental property against damage. The Northwest is prone to severe storms and wildfires; other parts of the country deal with tornadoes.

Protect your tenants and their home with proper maintenance and a clear evacuation plan. If a storm or fire is imminent, take additional steps to secure your rental property. (Trim surrounding landscaping. Secure loose shingles, gutters and siding.)

Post-disaster: Quickly assess tenant needs and damage following a disaster. Make decisions about next steps and keep tenants closely informed.

If a rental is uninhabitable, a lease may be voided. State laws differ, do consult with an attorney. If a property is inhabitable, the lease is binding. However, tenants may struggle to pay rent due to loss of income and emotional distress following a disaster. If a tenant carries rental insurance, they may still come up short. Be flexible and fair, especially with tenants in good standing. Offer information and resources; FEMA assists renters affected by natural disaster. File an insurance claim immediately following a disaster; keep in mind that tenants should have their own renters insurance.

Good communication, flexibility and a supportive relationship will benefit both landlord and tenant when emergency occurs.

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