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The Final Walk-Through: A Checklist for Success

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You found the perfect home. Your offer was accepted, the inspection passed, financing was successful, and the keys are almost in your hand.

It’s time for the final walk-through of your (almost) new home. What exactly does that mean?

Viewing a property just prior to closing and taking ownership is an important opportunity to make sure everything is as agreed to and in working order. Use our checklist of what’s, when’s and how to’s for a successful final walk-through and closing.

Your Final Walk-Through Checklist

What: Before taking ownership, a walk-through of your move-in ready property is your chance to confirm that requested repairs have been properly completed, systems and appliances are functioning, agreed to fixtures and furniture are in place, and no new repair or maintenance issues have come up.

When: Walk-through should ideally take place on or within 2-3 days just prior to day of closing. The seller should be vacated, giving you opportunity to thoroughly inspect the property vacant.

Who: You and your real estate agent should be the only people present at final walk-through. You can ask the seller to join you; if so, their agent should also attend. You may also, at your own expense, include the home inspector and any other professionals who may perform repairs.

How: Give yourself ample time to check your new property top to bottom, including interior, exterior, storage and all systems. The size of the property will determine how long it takes, from 20-30 minutes for a 1200 square foot home to one to two hours for a larger space.

More: Bring your final offer document to reference, the inspection report, any repair agreements, notebook, phone or camera to document issues, flashlight.

Remember, the purpose of final walk-through is not to bring up brand new issues. It’s to ensure the property is in the condition in which you made and negotiated your offer. If a problem arises from the walk-through – which is rare – communication is key. Your real estate agent will exchange information with the seller’s agent and typically come to an amicable agreement.

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