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Helpful Yard Care & Landscape Tips for New Property Owners

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If you’re a first-time real estate investment property owner, there is a lot to learn about property care and management.

Making sure interior spaces are in tip top shape is a must. But maintaining a home’s exterior is equally important.

A well-kept property makes renters happy, appeals to potential buyers (first impressions count!), and helps guarantee ROI.

If you’re maintaining your property yourself, knowing where to start and how to keep things looking good on a budget can be overwhelming. Especially during summer when the demands of yard care are in full swing.

Idaho summers are a spectacular time of year, when yards and landscaping are at their finest. Make your investment property look its best with these landscaping tips for beginners.

6 Landscaping Tips for a Great Looking Yard

  1. Make a plan: By researching and planning ahead you’ll save both time and money. Explore online, talk to your local garden shop, get an idea of cost, and set a budget.
  2. Create a design: Determine your color scheme and layout. Use of height, texture and color make an outdoor space go from ordinary to special.
  3. Think big picture: Consider the entire property when designing your landscaping – front, sides, along walkways and drives – not simply the front yard. Make your design consistent.
  4. Fine-tune the details: Edging, mailbox plantings, AC unit camouflage, thoughtful color spots. They’re the final, interesting details that help your yard stand out.
  5. Light the night: Good lighting not only creates a welcoming ambiance and shows off your property at night but provides additional security.
  6. Water it well: After all your hard work, knowing when and how much to water is important! Do your research. A lush lawn and beautiful plantings will be your reward.

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