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How to Modernize Your Older Property with Paint

Upgrade Your Idaho Investment Property with a Private Money Loan

Older properties require a special touch when it comes to renovation and upgrade. The most successful projects strike a balance between maintaining the beauty and charm of the original home while achieving an updated look.

A quality paint job and right choice of color is one smart way to create a cost-efficient impact.

Make your older fix and flip or rental property look fresh and modern by following these “how to” painting tips:

Painting Tips to Make Your Fix & Flip Look Fresh

Walls: Paint all walls in neutral tones. Whites and light grays are today’s preferred color palette. Paint brick in similar tones to freshen and lighten a space.

Doors: Create a welcoming first impression with a deep, bright color on your property’s front door. A good paint job on an existing door can negate the need for replacement.

Cabinets: Painted kitchen cabinets can be an cost-effective visual upgrade to a kitchen. (Be sure to prep!) Use glossy white, gray or black to paint away tired browns and beiges.

Tiles: Painted tiles? Yes! Refinish and refresh kitchen or bath tiles with a paint job instead of a complete new tile installation. Use solid colors or stenciled patterns. (Again, preparation is key.)

With each and every paint project, be sure to allot a generous amount of time. Clean everything first, prepare your space and surfaces, work carefully, and allow for ample dry time. The results will be worth it!

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Older homes, like those found in Boise, Idaho’s North End and Warm Springs neighborhoods, are charming. But upgrades and maintenance can be a challenge, and sometimes require more than a paint job. If you need a loan for your rental property or fix and flip, call us. We say yes when other lenders say no. Our hard money loans are based on your available equity – not your credit history. We work with real estate investors throughout Idaho every day. Call us at 1-888-477-0444 to learn more about Gregory M. Russell and our private money loan options.