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How to Stage Your Home During the Holidays for a Successful Sale

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Putting a home or investment property on the market during the holiday season can be a challenge. November through January is considered the most difficult time of year to sell.

But there are advantages as well. With less homes on the market, competition isn’t as great in a real estate hot spot like Idaho. And buyers who are looking tend to be serious.

With the right staging, you can improve the odds of a timely sale of your home, rental or investment property during the holiday season. Get into the spirit and follow these tips for a happy holiday real estate experience.

Tips for Staging Your Home During the Holidays

The goal is to create a warm, welcoming experience that allows prospective buyers to envision themselves in your space – not overly bedeck the halls with your own holiday traditions and memories. The ultimate goal is to sell your property.

Set the scene: Welcome buyers with a simple, classic wreath on the front door. Fresh evergreens in large urns or pots next to the door are a great touch. Keep outdoor holiday décor to a minimum, including lights and yard decorations. Less is more. Focus on tidy landscaping, good lighting and clear walkways – especially important during inclement winter weather.

Keep it simple: Remember: not everyone celebrates Christmas. Opt for fall and winter decorations to avoid offending prospective buyers. A small, lighted tree with a few standard ornaments is OK. Keep the mantle clear of stockings and displays. Pack away personal holiday collections and treasures and add a holiday touch with fresh greenery and flowers.

Make it cozy: Create a warm holiday environment with good lighting, music and homemade baked goods (the smell is a bonus!). Add a fire in the fireplace for extra warmth and coziness on cold winter days.

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