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How to Take Picture Perfect Listing Photos

Put the Polish on Your Property with an Idaho Private Money Loan

Today’s real estate scene is competitive and it’s a sellers’ market.

But you can improve the odds of a successful sale with quality photos that capture your home or investment property in the best light.

As the real estate experience has gone increasingly digital, quality photos and videos have become ever more important in the buyer decision-making process. Details count.

Follow these tips for “picture perfect” listing photos that will help your real estate listing rise to the top. Hint: The simpler the setting, the better the photo.

10 “Must Go” Items for Picture Perfect Listing Photos

Declutter your home of the following ten items before clicking the shutter:

  1. Toiletries: Clear personal toiletries away from bathroom counters, shower stalls and dresser tops.
  2. Cords: Tuck away (or temporarily unplug) unsightly cords and wires.
  3. Area rugs: Remove small rugs and runners to uncover original flooring and open up space.
  4. Small appliances: Store your toaster, blender and other small appliances to clear off counter tops.
  5. Pet things: Pick up and clear away pet items including feeding bowls and toys.
  6. Refrigerator display: Clear notes, photos, and lists off the front of the refrigerator.
  7. Personal photos: Put away family and personal photos for a cleaner, neutral space.
  8. Remote controls: Hide away TV and other device controls.
  9. Clothing: Put all clothing, shoes, coats out of sight.
  10. Personal piles: Eliminate distracting and unsightly piles or collections of “stuff.”

Remember, the less “lived in” your home looks, the more a potential buyer will be able to envision themselves in it. And the less cluttered the space, the more you’ll be able to focus on and highlight its best features.

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