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The Boise, Idaho Rental Market is HOT

Upgrade Your Rental Property with a Hard Money Loan

Boise, Idaho has been steadily stealing the real estate spotlight as one of the top housing markets in the country.

The city’s rental market is now on a similar trajectory, as the average cost of rent continues to rise faster than anywhere in the U.S.

Why are rental rates on the rise and what does it mean for real estate investors?

Should You Invest in Idaho Rental Property?

The real estate market that was on hold during the pandemic is back in action and Americans are on the move again. As economic activity returns, demand for listings and rentals on a national level is growing. However, inventory remains low thanks to stagnate construction, still-reluctant sellers, and shifting market trends.

In Idaho, where new residents are landing in the gotta-move-to mid-size city of Boise, supply is unable to meet demand. Like in many parts of the country, rent prices are rising accordingly. With a median price of $1307, rent is up 39% in Boise since March 2020 (compared to 32% in Spokane, WA and 26% in Fresno, CA).

Successful landlords buy wisely, understand fluctuating markets and commit to the long haul. Making it through the pandemic and resulting moratorium was a challenge for many. Moving forward, rental property investors should seek opportunities in single-family and multi-unit properties in Idaho’s growing market. If you’re thinking of investing, the “hot housing market” of Boise is a solid choice.

Idaho Investors: Meet Your Goals with a Private Money Loan

Competition is high in the Boise real estate market. But with patience and some careful strategy, the right rental property will come along. When it does, it will pay to have financing in order. Gregory M. Russell hard money loans are a great option for Idaho investors and house flippers. We loan based on your available equity – and our loan approval process is quick and streamlined. Your credit history and employment are secondary, so paperwork is minimal. You can have cash in hand in under two weeks. Give us a call at 1-888-477-0444 to talk about your financing needs or complete our easy online loan request form. We help look forward to partnering with you!