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How-To Tips: Picture Perfect Listing Photos That Sell

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Today, more than ever, prospective buyers are searching for homes online and relying on digital tools to help in their decision making.

It’s a seller’s market in many parts of the country. But even in hot housing spots like Idaho where homes are selling quickly and inventory is tight, quality photos are key to a short listing. According to the National Association of Realtors, 85% of buyers say photos are the biggest factor in deciding which real estate to view.

How do you take listing photos that will really “sell” your investment property? Read on!

The Better the Photos the Quicker the Sale

Less is best: Start with good staging. Declutter and “neutralize” each room. Hide away personal items. Reduce decorative pieces to a select few. Tidy bookshelves and surfaces.

Light it up: Good lighting helps show off a room. Make sure floor, table and ceiling lights are clean and in good working order. Replace burned out bulbs and cracked or yellowed lamp shades.

Clean and bright: The reflection from a camera’s flash will pick up dusty surfaces. Vacuum and dust floors and furniture prior to taking photos.

Keep it simple: Go easy on props and themed rooms. Simple, neutral settings are more attractive – and appeal to a broader group of prospective buyers.

Photo bomb: Scan rooms for the little things that distract in a photo. Full waste baskets, a running television, open toilet seats, reflections in mirrors, exposed wires all make a poor first impression.

Go natural: Direct sunlight and camera flashes create harsh shadows. Even, diffused light is best. Shoot during a time of day and in weather when you can use natural light, indoors and out.

Angle it: Wide-angle lens photos can create deception. Shoot from the doorway or corner to capture as much of a room as possible without distortion.

Stay composed: Include a good balance of floor and ceiling along with the contents of a room. Frame up a room with the camera at chest level to start and adjust composition from there.

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