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Landlords: Do You Know Idaho Tenant Screening Laws?

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Every state has its own particular landlord-tenant laws, written to protect renters as well as property owners.

If you are a landlord in Idaho, it’s important to know the state’s unique tenant screening laws. The more informed you are, the more successful you’ll be as a rental property owner. Proper screening can help avoid most tenant issues and better protect you from the risk of being sued.

Cities sometimes have guidelines in addition to state laws, so be sure to check local landlord-tenant mandates as well.

Quick Look at Idaho Tenant Screening Laws

A few of the Idaho tenant screening laws you should be informed about include:

  • Fees: The state does not limit how much can be charged for fees (application fee, late charges, security deposit). However, all rental costs should be provided in writing.
  • Credit and background checks: Landlords may not run any checks without a signed consent from a tenant. Application forms should include a signature line.
  • Denied due to credit: If an applicant is denied because of negative credit, they must be provided the reason why and a copy of the credit agency report.

This Landlord Tenant Manual from the state provides further detailed guidelines on leases, housing discrimination, move in terms, privacy, eviction, landlord-tenant responsibility for property upkeep and more.

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