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6 Tips for Success When Buying a Rental Property

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Idaho’s hot real estate market offers many profit-making opportunities. With the demand for housing in Boise and surrounding cities showing signs of staying strong, it’s a great time to look at long-term real estate investment strategies.

Knowing the pitfalls to avoid when purchasing a rental property is the first step towards success. Research, preparation and know-how help guarantee a solid ROI.

Follow these tips when considering an investment property purchase.

Tips When Purchasing a Rental Property for Investment

  1. Research prospective ROI: Evaluate the property’s potential to generate income and cash flow. Research risks. Become familiar with the neighborhood and the rental target market.
  2. Assess rent potential: Look at comparable properties. Research local demand and rental occupancy rates. Crunch numbers to determine rental rates needed to cover costs.
  3. Inspect the property: Do a property walk through inside and out. Note the condition of the roof, appliances, windows, basement and foundation. Hire a licensed building inspector for detailed upgrade/repair report.
  4. Gather support team: Assemble an experienced team of professionals (agent, appraiser, attorney, lender, electrician, plumber, painter, contractor.) Research property management companies.
  5. Evaluate your costs: Account for all expenses including renovation, maintenance, repairs. Budget for contingency funds. Include fees if using a property management company.
  6. Create exit strategy: Think about the future. Have plans in place for selling the property due to investment upgrade, emergency or a stagnant rental market.

Take the above steps and you’ll be better prepared to see a healthy return on your rental property purchase.

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