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Leverage Your Tax Refund to Achieve Real Estate Goals

Use an Idaho Private Money Loan to Boost Your Portfolio

It’s that time of year. April and taxes roll around without fail. If you’re lucky, you’ll be receiving a tax refund.

You may be planning to use your refund to make a special purchase or treat yourself to a trip. But a tax refund can also provide the seed money for a long-term investment with valuable returns.

Savvy real estate investors take advantage of additional dollars to boost their portfolios. Leveraging extra money today can mean greater security in the future.

Invest Your Tax Refund in Real Estate Now for Future ROI

Spring and summer are traditionally the busiest seasons of the year in real estate, and tax time coincides with the heating up of the housing market. Interested in investing? Here are five ways the average tax refund of $1500-1700 can help you achieve your goals.

  1. Pay down debt: Improve your credit score and increase available credit for future home improvement needs by paying down existing debt.
  2. Go towards a down payment: Use your tax refund to increase your down payment savings.
  3. Pay for a home inspection: A tax refund can be used to help pay for the professional home inspections that are part of the home-buying process.
  4. Earnest money deposit: In today’s competitive market, a tax refund might help you get the home of your dreams if used for an earnest money deposit.
  5. Pay for closing costs: Apply your tax refund towards the fees and expenses incurred when finalizing a real estate deal.
  6. Help lower mortgage interest rate: Some lenders offer the option of paying upfront to lower the rate on a fixed-rate mortgage.

Whether you’re new to real estate or building an existing portfolio, consider how a tax refund might benefit your goals.

Build Your Idaho Real Estate Portfolio with a Gregory M. Russell Hard Money Loan

Success in real estate comes down to the right place, time, and financing. If you need a loan to get you over the finish line, talk to our private lending team at Gregory M. Russell. We help Idaho real estate investors get financing quickly and without the hassle or stress of a traditional loan. Our equity-based hard money loans are approved according to your available collateral and plan for repayment. They’re a great fit for investors interested in fix and flips and long-term returns like rental properties. Questions? Call us at 1-888-477-0444. Or complete our easy online application form. As a trusted Idaho hard money lender, we look forward to working with you!