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Organizing DON’TS When Preparing to Move

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You’ve invested in a real estate deal, and the time has come to move.

The most successful real estate investors and house flippers know the value of staying flexible to take advantage of real estate opportunities. Moving into an investment property to ease property management, save while making upgrades, or wait out the housing market can be advantageous.

It’s smart to be organized when you invest in real estate. Be ready to move quickly to accommodate a house flip, rental property upgrades, tenant concerns, or a sluggish property sale. The more prepared you are, the smoother your move will go – potentially saving time and dollars.

How can you “organize better and faster?” Let’s look at what NOT to do, and common mistakes homeowners and real estate investors make when preparing to move.

5 Don’ts When Getting Ready to Move

  1. Time it: Don’t end up running short on time. Organizing is time intensive and requires attention and patience. Start the process of sorting, organizing, and preparing to move now.
  2. Purge it: Don’t try to organize or pack before decluttering. The first step is to purge your personal belongings, room by room. Sort into donate, toss, give away, and keep piles – and don’t be too emotional!
  3. Donate it: Don’t put off delivering items marked for donation. Drop them off as soon as they are sorted to avoid things piling up. Tip: Put ready-to-go donations in the front seat of your car or call to schedule an immediate pick-up.
  4. Streamline it: Don’t keep things you “might need.” Be aggressive about paring down and getting rid of belongings. Streamline your household by focusing on the essentials and your investment goals. Replacement items can be borrowed or repurchased if/when you need them later.
  5. Commit to it: Don’t simply put everything into storage, “out of sight, out of mind.” Moving your belongings into a storage unit or someone else’s garage or attic will only create more clutter and confusion later. Now is the time to divest!

Declutter and organize your things and position yourself to take full advantage of real estate opportunities as they arise!

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