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Win With a Hard Money Loan When Inflation is High

Invest in Idaho Real Estate with an Equity-Based Private Loan

When high inflation and rising interest rates stress the real estate market, hard money loans are a smart way to keep your investment strategy on target.

Equity-based, short-term hard money loans provide fast access to capital for investors interested in quick resale real estate deals or long-term rentals.

High interest rates and limited listings can discourage many potential buyers. But experienced investors know that directing assets away from riskier financial investments and into real estate can be worth the effort when inflation and interest rates rise.

Why is a Hard Money Loan Helpful in a Tough Market?

Direct hard money loans are financed by private lenders. Terms and conditions vary, determined independently from lender to lender. And unlike a conventional loan, an equity-based hard money loan is approved according to a borrower’s available collateral (i.e., investment property value), not their creditworthiness or employment history. Because paperwork is minimal, an investor can have money in hand and complete a real estate transaction within days.

The interest rate on a privately-funded hard money loan is commonly higher than a traditional bank loan because a direct lender bears a greater risk than a conventional financial institution. However, for savvy real estate investors, the benefits are worth a slightly higher interest fee: consider the streamlined approval process, ease of funding, quick cash turnaround, and personable service. Committed, disciplined investors find that hard money loans offer an ideal financing option in an otherwise challenging real estate market and can open up lucrative investment opportunities. Rising interest rates on conventional loans make direct hard money loan terms even more appealing.

Set yourself up for success with an equity-based hard money loan!

Our Trusted Hard Money Lenders Know Idaho Real Estate

Achieving real estate goals in a tough market takes good timing, patience, and a “must-do” attitude. When you need funding to help you make your investment dreams a reality, come to trusted Idaho private lender Gregory M Russell. For over three decades, our experienced team has helped real estate investors in Idaho State grow their investment portfolios with fast, reliable financing. Hard money loans take the stress out of investing. If you have adequate equity, our easy-qualify loan process can provide cash to you within days. Call 1-888-477-0444 to learn more. We’re happy to talk about your financing needs. Ready to apply? Check out our online loan request form here.