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Real Estate Investors: Housing Market Predictions

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As we head into the new year, seasoned real estate investors are strategizing their moves. What will the year ahead bring to the housing market?

Real estate has proven to be resilient to the challenges brought on by COVID over the past year. The Idaho housing market has remained steady despite a weakened economy. And demand throughout the traditionally slower fall and winter seasons has been robust, limited only by tight inventory.

Will real estate continue to be a good bet for investors?

Invest in Real Estate for a Solid Return

The real estate market shows all signs of remaining a solid investment option.

Zillow anticipates that home values will rise a total of 7% in the twelve-month period ending September 2021. (Zillow previously predicted an increase of just 4.8% between August 2020-August 2021.) Housing prices are expected to remain steady even if activity declines in the coming months.

A combination of low interest rates and limited inventory will keep the US housing market strong. And the continued demand for housing into the winter months indicates a reliable investment scenario. Time on the market is almost two weeks faster than last year, with properties turning over more quickly even during the traditionally slower winter season.

If you’re thinking of investing, all trends point to a healthy landscape for investment in the year ahead.

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