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What Makes the Perfect Winter Getaway Property?

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Idaho tops winter vacation getaway lists, known for its breathtaking scenery and unparalleled winter recreation scene.

For real estate investors, it offers terrific rental and house flip opportunities.

What makes the perfect winter getaway for any length of stay? Here’s a checklist to help you find the ideal winter home investment.

Winter Home Checklist: Features to Look For

Location: Idaho boasts scenic beauty at every turn. Choose a location that best suits your purposes as an investor. Want to stay closer to Boise? Choose Idaho City. In Central Idaho, head to iconic Sun Valley or Ketchum. Or find your perfect winter locale in Twin Falls in Southern Idaho. Each is unique.

Comfort: No matter how beautiful the surroundings may be, a winter home needs to be warm and secure. Make sure heating options are both varied and in good working order. From a quality HVAC system to well-built and maintained fireplaces, look for properties that will stay snug throughout the winter season.

Space: Living in a winter wonderland encourages time with family and friends. Just like decks and yards are an advantage in summertime, homes that offer versatile space for coming together and entertaining make living easy during winter months.

Finance Your Idaho Winter Investment with a Hard Money Loan

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