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Smart Kitchen Storage & Design Upgrades

Finance Investment Property Improvements with a Hard Money Loan

Kitchens are traditionally the center of activity in a home. With people cooking at home more due to shifting work routines and lifestyles, a well-planned kitchen space is even more important.

If you’ve invested in a house flip or rental property and are making kitchen upgrades, check out these simple but creative storage and cooking space solutions.

Kitchen Design & Storage Solutions

The following kitchen design tips address common issues of counter space, clutter and lighting:

  • Counter space: Increase work space with pullout cutting surfaces, built-in small appliances, and display shelves above or within a window frame. Add a butcher block-topped rolling cart with drawers.
  • Clutter: Keep countertops clear with to-the-ceiling cabinets and slide-out storage units that maximize drawers, cupboards and corner spaces. Hang a pot rack, a glassware rack, a wall-mounted knife holder.
  • Lighting: Brighten walls with a light shade of paint. Add pendant lights and under-cabinet lighting. Hang a wall mirror or mirrored backsplash to reflect light.

A thoughtfully designed kitchen can add between five and ten percent value to a home. Get the most out of your real estate investment!

Finance Home Upgrades with an Idaho Hard Money Loan

Home renovations require careful budgeting and cash in hand. If you need financing for your investment property upgrade and your credit or employment history is a concern, talk to our hard money lending team. Gregory M. Russell hard money loans are based on your available equity and prepayment plan. Unlike conventional lenders, our loan approval process is simple and streamlined. Call us at 1-888-477-0444 or complete our online loan request form.