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Why You Should Use a Hard Money Loan in 2021

Our  Idaho Hard Money Loans Make Real Estate Investing Streamlined & Stress-Free

In a word, the housing market is tight.

For real estate investors, that means the competition for investment opportunities is strong. The number of available fix and flips and rental properties on the market is limited.

The better prepared you are as an investor the better luck you’ll have in a hot market. If your financing is in order, you’re ahead of the game.

Private capital, or hard money loans, offer a fast financing option. Establishing a relationship with a trusted hard money lender is a smart way of setting yourself up for success.

Here are three reasons why a hard money loan might be a good choice for your real estate investment strategy.

3 Reasons Real Estate Investors Use Hard Money Loans

If you invest in fix and flips or rental properties, a hard money loan (also known as private money loan) offers great benefits:

  1. Terms are typically more expensive, but hard money loans are based on your available equity – not your income.

Conventional mortgage lenders focus on your employment, pay stubs and W2s to verify income. The hard money loan process makes it simple for full time investors or applicants without regular monthly income to get financing.

  1. The private money approval and underwriting process is simpler and faster.

Traditional lenders require review of your tax returns and bank accounts, taking up to 30-45 days for approval. Hard money loans are much faster and include minimal red tape and paperwork, closing as quickly as two weeks.

  1. Terms and conditions are up front.

The conventional loan application process is time-intensive and complex, and terms can be uncertain until final approval. Once you submit your deal request to a hard money lender, you’ll immediately receive loan details and paperwork.

Time is truly money. Hard money loans can provide you with an edge in a competitive housing market. An asset-based equity loan can get you financing fast – and cash talks when negotiating with a seller!

Our Idaho Hard Money Loans are Super Streamlined

If you’re a real estate investor and haven’t considered a hard money loan before, now’s the time. Gregory M. Russell has been a respected Idaho hard money lender for over three decades. We have helped investors meet their goals by providing fast, easy apply private financing. Today’s market is robust, and competition is strong. But you can still grow your real estate portfolio with the right strategy. If you have equity, talk to us about financing. Your credit and employment history are secondary. Call 1-888-477-0444 or visit our website and apply online (find our Apply Now form here [LINK]). It’s simple and quick. Get started today.